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Българска асоциация и културен център "Българе" е реалност. Създадена от доброволци обединени от желанието да съхраняват и популяризират живото, българско, 13-вековно културно наследство. Центърът беше основан и официално регистриран през септември 2009, но хората, които го създадоха бяха активни организатори на български концерти, събития, класове и уроци, изложби и други културни сбирки, на които присъстваха много българи.

От самото начало организацията се направлява от 11 инициативни човека, в качеството на Борд на директорите: Магдалена Марнова, Дамян Маринов, Мартина Де Лос Сантос, Сехио Де Лос Сантос, Моника Начева, Виолета Ванкова, Виктор Таушанов, Евгения Манолова, Калин Стоименов, Елена Каренева и Шели Алисън. Като обществена организация БАКЦ "Българе" се задвижва от своите членове и множество доброволци. 


Concerts of traditional and not-so-traditional artists:

KAL, the Gypsy Rebels

kal_160.jpgHaving performed a multitude of concerts around the world, Kal, a young Romani (Gypsy), Belgrade-based band, made Dallas part of its second tour in the United States and performed at the Blue Danube European Restaurant & Café in Arlington in October 2008.

Kabile, the Bulgarian Wedding Band kabile_160.jpg

In November 2008, we organized another highly successful event: The performance of Kabile at the Blue Danube European Restaurant & Café. A traditional wedding band from Thrace, southern Bulgaria, Kabile is one of Bulgaria's most masterful wedding bands. Learn more.

Dessy Dobreva, the Songbird from Bulgaria

dessy_160.jpgIn February 2009, Dessy Dobreva made her debut in Texas at the Carrollton Plaza Arts Center. A winner of multiple music awards, the Bulgarian vocalist and musician Dessy Dobreva is famous for her angelic voice and versatile talent.

theodosii_160.jpgTheodosii Spassov Folk Project Band

In April 2009, Theodosii Spassov, a world-renowned Bulgarian composer, jazzman and kaval-player, brought his Folk Project Band to Dallas, Texas for a masterful live performance at the SMU Hughes-Trigg Center.

Workshop of Bulgarian folklore dancing 

In August 2009, we welcomed Daniela Ivanova and Angel Nazlamov from Bulgaria for a one-of-a-kind workshop of Bulgarian folklore dancing and live accordion music.

Art exhibitions

As avid supporters of Bulgarian artists we helped introduce the very gifted local painter Antoaneta Hillman at the Theodosii Spassov concert and later at private parties.


All of these events could not have happened without the many volunteers who gave their time, effort and enthusiasm, or the generous people who donated and helped make this reality.

To everyone who helped: Thank you!


Current and Future Projects

Founding BACC “Bulgare”, opens new doors and allows us to more fully focus on our commitment to support and present the cultural and historic heritage of Bulgaria. The center is already working on several major projects, including:

Bulgarian School

school_160.jpgBACC “Bulgare” has established the first Bulgarian school in Texas with classes in Bulgarian language and literature for first through fourth grade, using the adapted curriculum by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education for children of Bulgarian citizens abroad. The school year is commencing on October 4, 2009. To sign up and to learn more, please call (972) 989-4305 or send her e-mail at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it More information to follow soon.


Bulgarian Folk Ensemble "LYUSH" costumes2_160.jpg

costumes1_160.jpgThe cultural center is working hard to continue growing the ensemble and organize new dance performances. With the help of your contributions, "LYUSH" has already purchased traditional Bulgarian consumes to complete its authentic look, and is eager to show them at the upcoming WorldFest in Addison on October 24-25, and at a Thanksgiving concert on November 28, 2009.


festivals_160.pngBACC “Bulgare” will present Bulgaria at Addison WorldFest 2009 on October 24-25, a two-day event in celebrating the diverse cultural communities that make up the DFW Metroplex. More information to follow soon.


Devoted to promoting the Bulgarian performing arts, we continue our tradition of inviting celebrated Bulgarian artists to perform in Dallas. More information about future concerts to follow soon.


In honor of Bulgaria’s literary contribution to humanity, the cultural center is in the process of opening a library with books, music and movies in Bulgarian. We have already received several book donations and are working on bringing them to Dallas.

Art exhibitions

Devoted to promoting Bulgaria’s rich tradition in the visual arts, BACC “Bulgare” is also planning on organizing year-round exhibitions, either independently or in conjunction with other events.


The Bulgarian American Cultural Center “Bulgare” was established to serve the local community and will continue to play its role in preserving and promoting Bulgarian culture and traditions.


Thank you again!

Expect more news soon!

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